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Tagaytay weekend

Last weekend, Mama, Lola, and I took the three-hour trip to Tagaytay to beat the unbearable Manila heat.
Or not. If you think that Tagaytay is a place to escape the scorching heat we’ve been having recently, you’re only half-right. It’s not as cool as I’d have liked, but at least even in direct sunlight you won’t break into a sweat.
We stayed at 5R. It was relatively inexpensive at PHP1800 for a night.
Sadako lolz

After checking in, we had lunch at Leslie’s. It was packed when we arrived, so I expected a scrumptious meal. We were disappointed, though; the food was nothing spectacular (although they serve huge, plump sugpo).
Although they do have these huts where you can dine while enjoying the view.

It’s not a trip to Tagaytay without checking out the Picnic Grove, right?


Meow  meow   meow    meow    meow    meow   :3

The Filipino-Japanese Friendship Garden was tiny, but I didn’t even get to circle it once because I was drawn into a conversation with a cutie patootie little girl who wanted our picture taken.

Then this… Tierra de Maria? I honestly don’t know what to call it. It’s a small place where devotees of Our Lady of Manaoag can go to pray to its replica.



Dinner that night was had at Java Jazz. The food was nothing memorable, really; what I liked about it was the interior, with paintings by local artists displayed everywhere.

We sat cross-legged at the low tables.


OMG BOKEH #photographer

Ugh, I’m terrible at writing travel blogs.

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