Puerto Galera photodump

Puerto Galera beats Boracay as my favorite place to vacation. Sure, Boracay may have finer sand and bluer waters, but it’s also crowded and noisy, not unlike Manila. Puerto, on the other hand, is beautiful enough and is still relatively undeveloped.

The first time we went, we stayed at a resort in the more secluded Aninuan Beach. This time, we stayed at one near White Beach, which was lined up with restaurants, resorts, and stores.

Inside Peter’s Inn.

There’s a particular restaurant at the end of White Beach that had good food and excellent ambiance. Ciao Italia offers a splendid view of the island from its elevated location.

The view from our table at Ciao Italia
Outside the resto
Aside from the food, one of the best things about this place is how relaxed I am when I’m there. Something about it quiets me; it feels so different from every other beach I’ve been to.
Getting a massage is a great stress reliever
Random photos:
Obviously, I love the water
We didn’t explore Puerto as much as we did last time, but it’s still a trip to remember.

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