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My 20th birthday celebration with The Best Friend

Despite SM Mall of Asia being two hours away from where I live, I enjoy going there. I always find something worthwhile there, even if it’s just seeing the rink where I first ice-skated, or having the strong sea breeze ruffle my hair. So that’s where The Best Friend and I decided to go celebrate my birthday.

Dinner at Pancake House

Here’s how we decided where to eat: Racks? Too expensive. Taco Bell? Not nearly special enough for this occasion. What’s a good-enough-but-not-too-high-end restaurant? Pancake House!
Probably my favorite part of Pulp Fiction is Mia and Vincent’s conversation in the restaurant about milkshakes. And guess what we ordered?
…a pretty fucking good milkshake.


For PHP250.00 each, we got a VIP carriage to ourselves, binoculars, and photos at the booth. It was a pretty disappointing ride, though; you could barely see through the thick translucent windows of the carriage.
View (?) from the top

Dessert at The Creamery

Ice cream, my favorite food group! Aside from their mouthwatering desserts, The Creamery had cute, whimsical interiors (of which I didn’t take photos because we sat outside lol). I had the very delicious Choco Lover’s Dream for PHP195.00.

Super Viking

Until now, my voice is still hoarse from all the screaming I did. I’ve gone on this kind of ride before but goddamn, I was scared of falling off and getting thrown into the sea.

Photo taken here.

Gifts, yay!

Yaaaay! I honestly didn’t expect anything from him; I was actually planning to get him to buy me a book. But he surprised me with a painting of a Pulp Fiction scene! And a clay figurine of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time! Awesome shit.

After long conversations with Gelo, I’ve got to thinking. Maybe turning twenty isn’t as big a deal as I make it out to be. I don’t need to be a grown-up now, just as long as I continue to grow.

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