I recently met with The Best Friend for our #XmasThing2012.

Hashtag inspired by Community.

Despite me wanting to go somewhere new, we ended up once again at Quezon City. It was a downgrade from #XmasThing2011 when we went ice skating, but a definite upgrade from 2010 when we just hung out at a strip mall in Marikina. Either way, it was memorable.

First, we went to Quezon Memorial Circle and rented bikes for a rather pricey P80 an hour. It wasn’t worth it: the “bike trail” was very short, and so narrow you would bump into other bikers every two seconds. Seriously, I couldn’t go around the trail once without having to stop because of so many other riders blocking the way. Ugh.

Then we headed to Maginhawa and had a delicious, filling dinner at The Burger Project, where you can customize your own burger.

Not pictured: My custom burger that I devoured immediately.

Afterwards, we went to Bookay-Ukay for the sale. Though I spotted a few items that I wanted to buy, in a rare display of self-control, I managed to refrain from buying comics and keychains, and held on to my money. We ended up leaving empty-handed.

Although I did take a quick snap of this hilarious sign.

That same self-control crumbled once we started drinking at Tomatokick, and we spent all our money on beer while talking ’til 2AM.

At this point, I should mention one of the high points of the conversation, where he told me how proud he was of me for “growing emotionally”, as he put it. 🙂
That means a lot coming from someone who knows my insane self better than most people do. Hearing him say that I’ve changed for the better makes me think that maybe I’m not as bad a person as I sometimes feel.

To know that one of my dearest friends thinks I’m growing, especially when a lot of the time I don’t think I’m going anywhere at all, is invaluable. I went home happy that morning.

It’s a precious comfort to close 2012 with such positive thoughts. 2013 will be awesome with him by my side. MORE SAPPINESS & CUNTINESS!

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