Not sure if I should feel loved or annoyed

Not sure if I should feel loved or annoyed

In my previous entry, I mentioned how I fell ill in my last day in Caleruega. I had a high fever and chills that lasted for three days. When I went to the doctor, she diagnosed me with urinary tract infection or UTI, and told me to avoid the following:

  1. salty food
  2. junk food
  3. soft drinks

In short, she halved my diet.

Still, I didn’t think it was a big deal until I told my friends about my new diet restrictions. Here are a few phrases I’ve heard in the past weeks:

Mag-iced tea ka na lang!” 1

My friends would immediately reprimand me when I buy a soda with a meal. Just seeing me holding an empty Coke Float cup would raise suspicions that I drank it, even when I was only crunching on ice cubes at the bottom. Once, I snuck a Coke past my boyfriend, and he gave me a telling-off even as I hastily sucked the remaining drops of soda from the cup.

I never knew how much I liked Coke until I had to cut it from my diet. Sigh. Instead, people tell me to drink something else…

Uminom ka nga ng buko juice!” 2

My boyfriend insists that I drink buko juice, which is quite good for getting rid of UTI.
For the record, I hate all coconut fruit products (except nata de coco), particularly buko juice. I hate the way it tastes, I hate the way it smells, I hate the strips of coconut at the bottom of the cup. But I drink it anyway because a) I love ze boyfriend, and b) I want my UTI to go away already so I can start eating chips again.

Speaking of chips…

Bawal ka niyan! Eto na lang bilhin mo.3

A week ago, I tried to buy a bag of chips. Sort of a reward for myself for, well, not eating chips. (Does that make sense?) When Ressa saw it, though, she snatched it away and substituted it with butter coconut biscuits4.
Don’t get me wrong, I like those biscuits but I terribly miss munching on Marty’s Cracklings. 🙁

It can get pretty frustrating not being able to eat the food I love (MARTY’S CRACKLINGS!), but I have to admit it’s also sweet the way my friends care. Even if, you know, they start reprimanding me in the middle of a fast food joint for ordering a Coke.

1 Drink iced tea instead!
2 You should drink coconut water!
3 You’re not allowed to eat that! Buy this instead.
4 Butter coconut biscuits are another exception to my no-buko diet.

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