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A question about As Told By Ginger

If you’re my age and watched Nickelodeon as a child, then you’d remember As Told By Ginger. It’s an animated series about teenager Ginger Foutley and her BFFs Dodie Bishop and Macie Lightfoot, and their struggles in middle school (eventually high school). It’s an awesome series, especially if you’re a teen—you could relate to their problems about boys, friendship, family, and growing up.
Still, I have one qualm about ATBG.

The episode Wicked Game shows Dodie and Macie being so unsupportive of Ginger’s relationship with Darren that they conspire with Miranda and Mipsy to break up D&G. Ginger finds out and is of course hurt that her best friends would do such a thing. The episode closes with Dodie leaving an apology on Ginger’s answering machine, and Ginger not picking up.
The next episode opens with… GINGER AND DODIE BEING BFFS AGAIN. How is that possible?!
For the entire series, Dodie has been nothing but a selfish, annoying wannabe. She is a complete and total emotional vampire who sucks Ginger’s life force by belittling the latter’s achievements and relationships. She emotionally manipulates Ginger by guilt-tripping (i.e. “She used to care about her BFFs before she got a boyfriend!”). A lot of Ginger’s problems are a result of Dodie being an asshole! Why does that make Dodie a good friend? With friends like Dodie, who needs Miranda?!
I’m sure there has got to be someone out there that has an explanation. Is this an oversight on my part? Was there an episode after Wicked Game that explains how Gullible Ginger so easily forgave Dipshit Dodie? Somebody help me!

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