Ilocos with mah gurlz, part 1

Ilocos with mah gurlz, part 1

My friends and I decided a long time ago that we would go to Ilocos after graduating, to celebrate: 1) GRADUATING!, and 2) our long-standing friendship. After a few planning glitches, I didn’t think we’d push through with it, but luckily we did.
The four of us availed of a package from J2F Escapades Tours and Travel. The package for 4 cost us P3,000.00 each. The price isn’t bad, considering the sheer number of tourist spots we were taken to, not to mention the free transportation. 
I’ll include more details at the end of this series of Ilocos blog posts. Not all my photos can fit into one entry, so I’ll be splitting them up into several. Have a look:


We arrived here early morning, maybe before 6AM.

We went there when it was still so early that all of the stores were closed. Too bad we didn’t see it in its usual hustle. And we didn’t even get to ride a kalesa. 🙁

St. Augustine Parish

The bell tower

Baluarte ni Chavit

I’m scared of poultry but apparently not parrots, yay

Hidden Garden

That’s it for this batch. More photodumps to come!

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