Bolinao beachbums

Bolinao beachbums

(AKA in which I shall talk about my trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan with my family.)

First stop was breakfast at Adora’s, where I had the tastiest tapa I’ve eaten since my favorite carenderia near UST closed.

After breakfast, we stopped at St. James Parish, which was right around the corner.

It was still pouring so, bummed, we decided to head to our resort. We stayed at Cocos Beach Resort, which has lots of trees, rooms right in front of the beach, and wandering chickens, which I steered waaay clear of.

When the sun finally shined, we decided to see what Bolinao had to offer. First stop on our tour was the Enchanted Cave. We were supposed to visit three caves on our tour, but since it was overcast and we still wanted to visit the lighthouse, we settled for just this one cave. Meh, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right?

I didn’t take photos of the way to the cave because I was busy holding on to the rails. Slippery stones are not safe, y’all.

I’m not sure if the pool is natural or artificial but I wouldn’t have gotten in it anyway, what with that much people in it.

Blurry photo 😐

Then we went to the Bolinao Lighthouse, which to me was pretty disappointing (“Oh, a lighthouse!… ok now what”).

By the time we got to Patar Beach, it was raining again, which meant it would be sucky to go swimming. All my enthusiasm for that day was drenched, so to speak. My mom has plenty of pictures of me scowling at this point.

The mood was saved when we had dinner. We bought a heavenly spread: crispy garlic-butter shrimps, grilled malaga, and sinigang na hipon. We went to bed with full stomachs and the promise of going swimming if the sun shines tomorrow.

LUCKILY IT DID, AND MY INNER BEACH BUM REJOICED. The sun was way up in the sky and made for fun hours in the cool blue water.

It was only an overnight trip so we had to head home after that, but it was a trip to remember (even if only for the scrumptious seafood!).

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