Light ’em up!

Light ’em up!

I can’t properly blog about the Fall Out Boy concert that I saw live; it’s too emotional. It’s all a big, emotional blur.

I bought a ticket to the front row but since I’m short, I struggled on tiptoe to see the stage. It didn’t help that some very tall guys (like, a foot taller than I was) were standing in front of me.
That didn’t matter much when the concert started, though. They played a lot of my favorite songs that I didn’t expect, i.e. Hum Hallelujah!
Fellow concertgoers say FOB sang twenty songs. I honestly don’t know. I didn’t keep track. I was too busy shouting, singing, dancing, and trying not to fall over.
Was it perfect? Not by a long shot. Dumbasses kept their phones/tablets in the air so the people behind couldn’t see the actual band. So I yelled at them to put their shit down, please 🙂 Still, it was magical to see and hear them live. They were engaging and energetic and sweet and fun.
I have no decent pictures because I wanted to actually enjoy the moment,
instead of trying to make sure everything’s on video.
When the concert was over, I went to meet my boyfriend and start telling him all about it. A few minutes later it all sinks it: I saw Fall Out Boy live! They rock! Pete Wentz said lovely things for “the kids who feel like they’re not special” and “the fucking weirdos”!
It got too much for me and I started crying right there on the sidewalk.
I am utterly, completely thankful that I have seen them live. That one night, although exhausting, was one of the most emotional moments of my life.

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