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My top 5 minor Friends characters

I didn’t include the main six because every one of them is awesome. Instead, I opted for the guest/recurring characters, the ones who appeared every once in a while to give a little spice to the lives of our six friends.
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In no particular order…

1. Mike

It was nice to see Phoebe with a normal dude. She had a hard life: her dad ran out on them, her mom committed suicide, and her twin sister is pretty much evil. Phoebe deserves someone who was stable, grounded, but still had a sense of whimsy about him.
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Also, it does not hurt that he is played by the very cute Josh Paul Rudd.

2. David

(Let’s set aside the fact that the actor, Hank Azaria, does a lot of voices on The Simpsons ♥)
Phoebe’s most significant ex-boyfriend is a twitchy, awkward, stuttering mess of a nerd. He goes off to Russia to attempt to achieve positronic distillation of subatomic particles but ultimately fails, and when he goes back to NYC he discovers that Phoebe is already in a committed relationship.

Oh, and did I mention that his marriage proposal to Phoebe ended up getting shat on by Mike? I love him because after that he was still an astonishingly gracious loser.


3. Richard

After all the dud dates Monica went out on, it was refreshing to see her with someone she deserved: a nice, handsome, and intelligent man who acted his age and treated her right. Plus, it was more fun to watch Monica hiding Richard from her parents than her hiding Chandler from Ross and the gang.
Why couldn’t you have ended up together?! *sobs*
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4. Parker

(Have you noticed this list is highly biased towards Phoebe’s exes?)
Played by Alec Baldwin, Parker is an ex-boyfriend of Phoebe who is very enthusiastic about everything. He’s so energetic, in fact, that everyone soon grows weary of his unrelenting cheeriness.

5. Judy

Despite the characters getting into a lot of weird situations that probably wouldn’t happen in real life, Judy Geller’s relationship with Monica is a realistic portrayal of a mother-daughter dynamic.
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Ever-scrutinizing Judy constantly puts Monica under a microscope, criticizing her hair, clothes, nails, habits, love life, and career. And who can honestly say that their mother hasn’t been critical of them at least once?

What do you think? Did I forgot more memorable Friends guests? Comment below!

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