REVIEW: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

REVIEW: e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

Every beauty buff says that eyebrows are key to a polished look. I never really believed them — all I do with my brows is the very occasional threading, and leave ’em be. That was until I saw my friend Ava, who had wonderfully defined brows, and I said to myself, “Damn, I WANT THAT SO BAD.” And that was when I decided to pick up a cheap but effective eyebrow kit.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Dark

I was always wary of e.l.f. products. Like, they’re so affordable—how good can they be, really? When I saw the rave reviews for this products, I was like, “Okay, it’s cheap enough to take the risk. I’ll give it a shot.” And god bless me, it has been totally worth it.

First off, the packaging is pretty good. It comes in a small, sleek, matte black case which doesn’t look terribly cheap. It has a bit of heft to it, as though it won’t break when you drop it. There’s also a small mirror inside, which I do not find helpful when applying this product.
The kit has two pans: the darker one on the left is the gel, which is used to fill in the brows, and the lighter one is the powder to set the gel. The kit comes with a rather flimsy dual-ended brush, which is too small to grip well. I use this brush only because I’m too stingy to spring for another eyebrow brush.
The gel isn’t thick, so I don’t feel heaviness on my eyebrows. Be careful, though: it feels so light that it’s easy to be overzealous and end up looking like Edmond Tarverdyan. Also, the powder is prone to fallout, so tap your brush before application.
Other than that, the kit is great. The gel is pigmented enough to cover your brows in a few strokes, and the powder is useful when softening any hard edges.
To apply, I just fill in my brows. The ends near my nose are thick but thins out as it goes, so I concentrate on just making them look as even as possible.
Photo above is my brows in their natural, sparse state.
Photo below is my brows with e.l.f.’s eyebrow kit. I just lightly defined the ends near my temples because that’s where the hair is thinnest.
P.S. Excuse the ungroomed eyebrows. I was long due for a threading when I took this photo.
I apply it with a very light hand because I think make-up should always look as natural as possible. But I think I need more practice to have beautiful, defined brows.
My biggest complaint is the lasting power. It starts fading at noon and is gone by dinnertime, thanks to my oily skin. It’s not meant for true long-lasting use. But it’s nothing that a touch-up can’t remedy, especially since the kit is so handy.
Price: PHP250.00
Verdict: Cheap as chips AND does its job. The lasting power can be improved, but for the price, who’s complaining? I am now a true believer in the power of brows!

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