REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner

Going without lipstick makes me feel bare. That’s why it always infuriates me when my lipstick rubs off, or worse, when the center of my lips go bare and I’m left with a horrible red ring on the edges. This is what drove me to buy a lip liner on a whim.

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in Rose

Since I couldn’t find an invisible lip liner anywhere (heh), and I’m not quite willing to shell out dough for MAC Prep + Prime Lip, I decided to go with a liner that’s near my natural lip shade. It was way tougher than I thought.
I went to Revlon, since it has yet to let me down, and picked out a shade that seemed as close as possible to nude. Thus, I got Rose.
The liner’s twist-up mechanism means you don’t necessarily have to sharpen it, but I appreciate that it comes with a sharpener anyway.
Application is tough. This product snags and tugs my lips somethin’ awful. I tried applying it over lip balm, and it didn’t help much.
Oddly, this reminds me of a cat’s wang.
It’s very drying and makes my lips peel two hours into use. It also accentuates the cracks and lines, which is not the look I’m going for here.
The day that someone gives me an SLR is the day I’d apologize for the grainy iPod front-cam shot.
See how it looks all patchy and uneven? When I wear this, my lips feel chapped and flaky until I remove the lip liner in disgust.
For the first time, Revlon let me down with a lip product 🙁
Lesson learned: I need MAC Prep + Prime Lip.
Price: PhP475.00
Verdict: For this price, the product isn’t good enough for me. Probably okay for those with naturally smooth lips.

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