Beware of fake make-up sellers!

Beware of fake make-up sellers!

Obviously, I love make-up. On my current income, that’s a bit of a problem since I want to buy so many things! But since my cash is limited, I try to make my purchases count. I research endlessly and make sure that whatever I’ll be buying is worth it. Of course, sometimes there will be duds, but thankfully there have been more hits than misses.
I know other people out there are in the same situation: they love cosmetics but are strapped for cash. I feel you, sisters. When you work your ass off, you want to get your money’s worth! That’s why it pisses me off when some people take advantage of this by selling imitations of high-end products.

The advent of online shopping has made life very convenient, but it has also fooled many consumers with fake products. It’s important that we scrutinize everything we buy online so we know when our legs are being pulled.
So what brought on this rant? Well, an Instagram beauty seller followed me recently, so I naturally checked out their products. What I saw was a slew of obviously fake-ass products designed to fool beauty lovers.
First thing I noticed was their Urban Decay Naked palettes. I read blogs on fake UD products, so I spotted the discrepancies immediately.
Exhibit A:
Fake-ass fathermucker.


Genuine article. [photo source]
Exhibit B:
FAAAKE! The fugly font says it all.
Even if I didn’t know what the fakes looked like, I’d still be hella suspicious of those prices. PhP380 for a palette that usually retails for more than a thousand pesos? Get real.
Exhibit C:

The real thing sells for around PhP1800.

Take a look at the genuine product. It has a big, vivid pink circle to the side of the label. On the fake, that circle is oddly placed. Also, the bottle label’s font is noticeably different.

Exhibit D:

The reason I drew an arrow towards the shade Mermaid was because of the drastic difference in color with the original palette:

[photo source]

Exhibit E:


Please note that I asked them why the colors were so different and they did not respond. They also deleted my comments and apparently blocked me from making any more 😛

Now, I sent them a Viber message and asked why the prices are so low, etc. They said the products are Singapore Authentic, bought directly from Singapore. They also claimed that the only difference was that the colors were not as pigmented. Hah! I don’t give a shit if it’s “Singapore Authentic”. If it’s not made by the brand, it’s not the same product. Quit bullshitting others into thinking that they’re the same. It. Is. NOT.
To all fellow make-up mavens: we can use our hard-earned money on products that actually have research and testing put into them by reputable brands. With experimentation and research, we might be able to find dupes for more expensive products. Or we can put away the money to splurge on a luxe product, and buy from a trusted seller so we can get our money’s worth.
Besides, fake make-up can be harmful. Since they don’t need any testing qualifications or standards as opposed to established brands, they can contain harmful chemicals. Why risk that instead of buying from a retailer you can trust and who can be held accountable?
For all you sellers of fake cosmetics out there: frick you very much and I hope you choke on a lipstick tube. That is all.
P.S. Alternatively, here are a few tried-and-tested online beauty shops:
The Primp Pad – I ordered here a few times. Their delivery is fast and reliable. Absolutely hassle-free.
Sumwearco – A blogger friend of mine is a regular shopper here.
Digital Traincase – Trusted by the famous beauty blogger Liz from Project Vanity.

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