Recent Loves

Recent Loves

A collection of recently discovered things I am loving right now.

Kate or Die

Kate’s colorful art is perfect for her lighthearted comics. They’re mostly about her everyday life, from pit stains
to rants about feminism:

Her comics have a conversational tone, as though Kate’s just talking to her friends instead of strangers on the Internet. I actually think they’re a lot like personal blog posts, only in comics form, which is why I enjoy going through the archives.
Oh, and I adore her Deadpool/Spider-Man ship:
That hand grenade ring is PERFECT for Deadpool!!!

Shiba Sommelier

This Tumblr blog reviews various wines, and posts them with a photo of a Shiba Inu and the wine bottle.

Much Shiba. Much Wine.”

Now I don’t like wine (all I ever drink is Red Horse beer), but I LOVE dogs, and this beautiful Shibe keeps me coming back for more <3

The Most Popular Girls in School

Youtube series
It’s a freakin’ stop-motion series starring Barbie dolls. How can I not get hooked?!

[photo source]

TMPGIS follows the rivalry of the Van Buren sisters and the Overland Park Cheer Squad, as well as the lives of other students in Overland Park. What makes this show so great is that even the supporting characters are hilarious: there’s a desperate lunch lady, a sad-sack 27-year-old, and a pregnant French (Canadian?) student.

Also, lots of cursing.
[photo source]

So that’s it for Recent Loves. ‘Til next time! I’m a little busy so I won’t be updating the blog as much. Byeeee!

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