The story behind my tattoos

The story behind my tattoos

I have a couple of tattoos on my left hand and wrist. I posted a photo on Imgur and people were like, “Ew your tats are laaaaame.” I found it hilarious that they would judge me, a stranger, because they didn’t even know what these tattoos mean to me.

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They’re both drawings by Marc Johns, my favorite illustrator since I was in college. His artworks are quirky and imaginative. Every time I see a new illustration of his, I get inspired and happy. Those are the emotions I wanted my tattoos to invoke in me whenever I see them.

I got inked at 55Tinta in Maginhawa St., Quezon City.

The price was Php6000 for both tats, which can be considered relatively expensive given the sizes. However, I wanted the best for my first tattoos since, ya know, they’ll be on me forever. My tattoo artist Topek helped me with placement and sizing of the art.

I’d like to address the ice cream tattoo: people always assume I had it inked because I love food. I may be a fat bitch who eats her way through a tub of ice cream, but that’s not what this particular tattoo is about 🙂

Anyway, I chose these designs because they spoke to me messages of hope and encouragement. When I got inked, I was in a severe depression and was cutting into my skin as a way to release emotion. I wanted my tattoos to cover up my self-harm scars, and help me heal.

So that’s the story behind my tats. I’d love to hear yours, if you have any – let me know in the comments!

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