Want to customize your phone? Try Total Launcher

A month ago, when I was seriously considering buying the iPhone XS Max, Trish tagged me in a Tweet. She posted a screen recording of her Android phone with a launcher installed. She had all kinds of shortcuts to trigger different functions, and she pressed me to try it.

total launcher

Not fully convinced, I installed one for myself, and IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Android launchers are the best thing that has happened to me tech-wise in a long time.

Total Launcher

I played around with a few apps until I decided on Total Launcher.

It’s freemium, which means the basic app is free, but you’ll need to pay to unlock all features. The premium for this app costs PHP290, which I consider a steal since it allows me to do so much with my phone!


Android phones are already pretty customizable by themselves. However, when you use a launcher, you can use downloadable icon packs to go with your wallpapers. You can also choose from an array of animations for pages, windows, and folders. In short, you’re spoiled for choice.

I prefer Total Launcher over the more popular Nova Launcher because I feel the former gives me more options.

For instance, apps on the pages can be arranged in a grid or in a circle. You can also pin certain elements to some or all pages, so wherever you swipe, they will remain there. It’s especially helpful if you have certain apps you want to be able to access from anywhere in the screen.

Another thing I love? Gestures! They create shortcuts to your preferred functions. Swipe up or down, tap two or three times, any of these can bring you to your favorite app or folder.

Here’s a quick look at my set-up:

There are a lot of other Android users whose screens are much better than mine. Get inspired!

I’m an absolute nut when it comes to customization, so I am head over heels in love with Total Launcher. I can’t believe I missed out on this for so long!

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