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    Since it’s Thanksgiving

    Even though I haven’t been feeling grateful for anything lately, I want to change that if only for a day. And what better day than Thanksgiving?

    Here’s what I’m truly thankful for:

    1. Lolo made it out of the hospital after several weeks’ confinement.
    2. Related to #1: Though it’s pretty heavy on the pocket, I still manage to pay off my debts for his hospitalization. I didn’t need to resort to extreme measures, and I will always be grateful for that.
    3. Bunbun, my wonderful boyfriend who is amazingly patient and understanding when I’m being a selfish brat. He is there for me through all my highs and lows.
    4. The Best Friend, who just “gets” me. There’s not a lot of people who can do that. My inadequacies aren’t quite so glaring through his eyes.
    5. Bru, one of my closest friends from college, who indulges my pointless rants and is forever supportive of me. She has grown into a strong woman and I couldn’t be happier for her.
    6. My best friend from work, who has truly challenged the way I see myself and others. His trust and love mean more to me than words can express.
    7. The Squad from work. Incredible fun to be had when we’re all together. And they didn’t think any less of me when I was devastated about Phoebe passing away.
    8. Team 2PM, who make me look forward to lunch because I know we’re going to go nuts along Ayala Avenue, laughing about disgusting things at the top of our lungs. #shameless
    This has not been the best year for me (to be honest, I absolutely despised 2015) but at least I didn’t have to go through it by myself.
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    New year, fresh start?

    Or same shit, different year?

    I’m having a hard time writing this. Partly because I’m simultaneously playing Tiny Tower, but mostly because I don’t know what to say, which in turn is because I don’t know how to feel.

    Twelve months have passed but I still feel like I’m just coasting through life. It seems like I haven’t done anything truly worthwhile. I want to get passionate about something. I want to have life goals, I want direction, I want more than just getting by.

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    Valentine’s Day 2011

    For me and the YC Buddies (who are all single, by the way—free bitches, baby!), Monday was just another reason to camwhore.

    I got three roses: one from our sweet guy blockmates who bought flowers for all the girls in 2BES1, one from Gab, and one from Bojie.

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    Last of 2010

    The gorgeous fireworks I missed at this year’s Paskuhan!
    [Photo source.]

    Here we are, less than 24 hours from the beginning of a new year.

    2010 has been terrific. Most of it has been fun, thanks to the incredible people in my life. This year, I have met new, fantastic friends (I’m looking at you, Tumblr folks) and become closer with old ones.

    This year, I have learned to drink not only vodka, but beer, cocktails, gin, wine, and hard liquor. I have been to several bars, learned drinking games (27 and Bobo Shot, heh), and learned to walk straight even with a fuckton of alcohol in my system. I am somewhat proud to say that I can now outdrink the very people (my neighbors from Marikina) who taught me to drink. Um, yay??

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    Christmas 2010

    Imaginative title, yes?

    So I already told y’all about how Christmas in our house goes down. This year wasn’t particularly different, so I’m just going to dump a shitload of pictures. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.

    I’ve been handing out the presents since I was a kid. I have yet to pass the torch.
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    Paskuhan 2010

    As compared to last year’s Paskuhan, which totally rocked, I found that I enjoyed this Paskuhan less. Or maybe it’s just because I didn’t get a kiss from my crush this year. (For the full story, I would be glad to tell it in person!)

    The YC Buddies met at UST early afternoon to exchange gifts, eat, and of course, camwhore!

    I suggested a Lookbook-esque shoot, which shows me failing at being fierce.